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The Art & Design of Laura DeGlopper


From the Alpha Artist - I'm so glad you're here! I'm a creative living in Colorado that specializes in corporate graphic design, branding new companies, helping companies find a new brand, and a whole lot more. I'm invigorated by finding expressive ways to help companies connect their product with clients by way of color, clean design, consistent branding, tradeshows, social media marketing, and more. I also do a lot of acrylic, oil paintings and illustration for both individuals and corporate clients.

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What We Do

We've got clean & crisp graphic design to support your business. And we paint a lot of dogs.

Brand Identity

What do you want your brand to immediatly convey to people about you? The Teahouse has great success starting from scratch and building a brand – we’re also great at reassessing a brand and digging deep into ways to better connect your company and it’s products with your future clients. And of course – we do great stuff taking your current branding and providing perfectly integrated marketing support – flawlessly communicating with your pre-existing graphics.


Communication through narrative illustration is one of the teahouse’s great joys. From pet portraits, to book covers and children’s book illustrations, we specialize in creating just the right aesthetic of art for your needs. Make sure to take a look at our Portfolio!


Social media graphics in fifty different sizes for today’s growing plethora of social platforms, eblast design, conference UX for your conference app, large format printing for trade shows! We do it all with a cohesive look and feel across all mediums at a delightful price.

Web Design Support

While coding isn’t our strong point (We’re so glad this website is working as well as it is) we do quality work providing icons, splash pages and whatever images you need for your website.

Product Design

We’re wizards at detailed, professional concept illustration and technical design for products to speed up that licensing process. Using DeSL and working with companies overseas, we’ve worked with companies like Disney, Target, Warner Bros and more to provide low-cost licensed products.


When clients provide us with exact dimensions of design they’d like to see in a app, we are great at providing low-cost, timely work. We’re not so good at the coding part of this though – so make sure to have an app-designer on hand for us to work with!

Recent Works

We love what we do, check out some of our latest works

Boldly Going Somewhere


A colorful re-branding for a popular podcast.


Corporate Illustration

Pixar-ized speakers from Angular (google) for the client's software conference.

International Association of Business Communicators

Graphic Design - Conference Program

This program required the illustration of a map! Cartographer-ing.

GISHWHES (The Greatest Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen)

Product Design / Graphic Design / Illustration

Always a joy to work with these folks - this year I designed product, certificates, and helped with the book.

Elope, Inc (Costuming Company)

Product Design

I had such a delightful time designing product for Elope's new Quirky Animals hat line. Find a few of these in Target stores soon!

Personal Piece "OctoKitty"

Oil on Canvas

One of my "Guardians" Series - oil on a HUGE canvas.

Our Clients

The Teahouse has been honored to partner up with these clients

"I find it so easy to get lost in new kinds of projects - one month I'm learning how to make a set of armor from my favorite videogame, and the next month I've contracted with a client to design their first trade show with a twenty foot tall booth. Next month I hope to finish my first novel. Life is too short to stop learning, making, and doing."

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Laura DeGlopper CEO, DigitalTeaHouse

"Just as important for me, however, Laura has been a sincere pleasure to have on the team. She is kind, intelligent and always enthusiastic. She leads with a high degree of professionalism and consideration for other people. She is well-liked by everyone in the Company. "

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Philip Schneider Board Member, RandomActs

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Please feel free to type out your ideas, needs, project, send us pictures of your dog or cat you'd like painted, and we'll get back to you with a quote. We have a large spectrum of pricing, from quick and low-cost to incredibly complex. Pricing starts at 40USD an hour, plus supplies of real media work (canvas, paint, etc).

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